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Ecuadorian Fruit Preferential Access to China Put on Pause

Ecuadorian fruit exports to China, which were set to benefit from a recently signed free trade agreement, will now have to wait longer for tariff relaxation.

May 29, 2023
Pakistani Mango Crop Set To Recover After Last Year’s Heatwave

A heatwave and water shortages hampered Pakistan’s mango production last year, leading to a significant drop in exports, but a stronger crop is expected this season.

May 24, 2023
Banana Safety Net: Australian GM Fruit Claimed To Resist Panama Disease

Australian researchers have developed a genetically modified banana variety that is reportedly resistant to Panama disease, a major threat to global banana production.

May 21, 2023
2023 Peruvian Avocado Exports: New Dynamics and Benchmarks

Peruvian fresh avocado exports this season have already reached 100,000 metric tons, with the China market in particular demonstrating an upward trend.

May 14, 2023
Fruit of Finest Quality: New Zealand Persimmons Withstand Weather Challenges

Despite an expected decline in export volume, the New Zealand persimmon industry anticipates supplying high-quality fruit to overseas markets this year.

May 09, 2023
Pakistani Cherries Struggling To Meet China’s Import Standards

The Pakistani cherry industry is hoping for a relaxation of cold treatment requirements to make exports to China more feasible.

May 05, 2023
Spanish Almonds and Fresh Persimmons Granted Market Access to China

Spain is set to export its first almonds and fresh persimmons to China now that the phytosanitary protocols have been finalized.

April 28, 2023
VX Logistics Opens Premier Fresh Hub in Shanghai

VX Logistics has opened a new cold storage and processing facility that aims to elevate fruit sector operations to a new level.

April 24, 2023
Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market: Best Practices

Sell it or smell it. New organizational strategies can greatly facilitate trade in perishables, and the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is a prime illustration of this.

April 19, 2023
New Flagship Stores Aim To Boost Zespri’s Success in China

Zespri and Joy Wing Mau have opened flagship stores in Jiaxing and Guangzhou as the Zespri New Zealand kiwifruit season in China gets underway.

April 14, 2023


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