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Mexican Avocado Exporters Dubafresh and Frutival: “We See Our Future in China”Summary: As China continues to grow in importance as a destination for Mexican avocado exports, Mexican avocado exporters Dubafresh and Frutival say that educating Chinese consumers about the visual appearance of avocados has emerged as a key priority to ensure continued development of the market. September 19, 2018
Andrew D

From left to right: Chantal Abrajan, Deputy Trade Commissioner of ProMexico Shanghai, Alejandro Salas, Trade Commissioner of ProMexico Shanghai, Robert Huang, Frutival Sales Manager, Ignacio Valerio, Frutival General Manager, Lorena Larios, Consul General of Mexico in Shanghai, Adrian Vásquez, Export Sales Manager at Dubafresh, Mario Gallardo, Co-owner of Dubafresh, Juan Jose Gallardo, Co-owner of Dubafresh

Miss Fresh Receives $450 Million Investment in New Funding RoundThe $450 million investment into fresh e-commerce start-up Miss Fresh by several big-name investors, including Tencent and Goldman Sachs, highlights the continued strength of online fresh e-commerce in China as well as the rivalry between the fresh food ‘blocs’ of Tencent/JD and Alibaba. September 13, 2018
Andrew D
A Look at Shine Muscat, China's Hot New Table Grape VarietyShine Muscat is a crispy, fragrant seedless green grape variety developed in Japan in the late 1980s and then commercialized there in the early 2000s. In the past three years it has made a sudden emergence onto the Chinese market and is now being cultivated around China and can be frequently spotted on sale at a range of retailers, from streetside vendors to high-end supermarkets. September 12, 2018
Dan Siekman
New Market to Play Key Role in Eastern China Imported Fruit DistributionThe Jiaxing Haiguangxing Premium Fruit Market started trial operations Monday in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta. The import-focused 125,000m2 wholesale fruit market broke ground in April of this year and includes 25,000m2 of floor space dedicated to trading stalls and a separate container-based trading area with capacity for 300 containers. September 11, 2018
Dan Siekman

The Jiaxing Haiguangxing Market started trial operations on September 10

The “New” Origine Group Participates in Asia Fruit LogisticaThe newly-expanded Origine Group participated in Asia Fruit Logistica 2018, presenting its new brand portfolio of Sweeki, Pera Italia, Made in Blu, and Fruitaly. September 10, 2018
Andrew D
Exquisite Ecuador 2018: Promoting Ecuador's Unique Flavors and Unforgettable ExperiencesThe event held in Shanghai last Friday featured a live cooking demonstration and was aimed at introducing to a Chinese audience the quality and diversity of foods from Ecuador, as embodied by Ecuadorian chocolate, bananas, shrimp and mangoes, and the country’s unique and world-class gastronomic culture—as well as thrilling travel and gastronomic tourism opportunities to Ecuador for Chinese citizens. September 10, 2018
Produce Report
Asiafruit Congress Celebrates 20 Years of Development in Asian Markets“Over the past two decades, imports of fresh fruit by key Asian markets from both within Asia and outside Asia have more than doubled, increasing 140%,” from 4.9 million tons to 11.8 million tons said Asiafruit Magazine Editor John Hey. In Indonesia alone, imports have gone up 10 times from 60,000 to 670,000 tons over that period, according to Hey. September 04, 2018
Dan Siekman

Chris White (left) and John Hey cut a ceremonial cake marking the 20th anniversary of the Asiafruit Congress

Inventories Rise as China’s Garlic Harvest Season EndsChina’s 2018 garlic harvest season wrapped up at the end of August. Garlic production reached an estimated 10 million tons by the end the season with new garlic inventory of about 4 million tons—a record high that surpassesthe excessive storage volumes attained in 2008. With increased production, high inventory levels and poor sales, dried sliced garlic has become a new outlet. September 04, 2018
ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA offers complete packageASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA offers complete package September 03, 2018