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Double Holiday in China Sparks Sales Boom for Fruit Gift Boxes

Sales of fresh fruit gift boxes in China have boomed recently with the coincidence of this year’s National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

October 06, 2020
Emily F
Lower Indian Onion Supply Brings Opportunities for Chinese Exporters

A reduced onion crop in India this season has led to short supplies in neighboring countries alongside new opportunities for other exporters.

October 05, 2020
Jing Zang
First Batch of Chinese Kiwifruit Exported to South America

The first ever batch of Chinese-grown kiwifruit bound for the South American market recently departed Mei County in Shaanxi province destined for Chile.

September 30, 2020
Benjamin Henry
TikTok Purchase Deal: What’s in It for Walmart?

Proposed TikTok deal could lead to major e-commerce gains for Walmart in the U.S.

September 30, 2020
Emily F
Shaanxi Becomes China’s #1 Producer of Apple Juice Concentrate

Newly released statistics reveal that Shaanxi province produced the largest volume of apple juice concentrate in China last year.

September 29, 2020
Benjamin Henry
2020 Korla Fragrant Pear Production Increases 20% To 500,000 Tons

In contrast to many other Chinese pear varieties, the production of Korla fragrant pears is on the rise.

September 28, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Hema To Open First X Member Store in Shanghai

Alibaba’s Hema brand will shortly open its first membership-based wholesale store, China’s first direct competitor to Costco and Sam’s Club.

September 27, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Chelan Fresh Gears Up for 2020 Lucy Apple Harvest

U.S. grower Chelan Fresh is preparing for the second harvest of its popular new Lucy apple variety.

September 24, 2020
Emily F
WellFruit Unveils ‘Signature’ Store in Shanghai

On Sept. 12, Chinese retailer WellFruit opened its new flagship store in Shanghai’s Pudong New District, attracting over 10,000 shoppers and reaching $100,000 in sales over two days.

September 23, 2020
Mexican Avocado Exports This Season Set for 6% Growth

U.S. demand for fresh avocados remains robust despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which is anticipated to drive the export volume of Mexican avocados in marketing year 2020/21.

September 22, 2020
Jing Zang


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