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Wholesale Market Report, Week 22: Oranges

May 30, 2016

The growing season for American oranges is coming to a close, but over the weekend US oranges continued to arrive at Shanghai's Hui Zhan fruit market. New arrivals included Valencia, navel and Cara Cara oranges.

Generally, both the volume and price of oranges at Chinese markets remain good. Prices for US-grown navel oranges remain stable around RMB 270. These fruits are firm, but their color and skin are a bit below standard. However, the overall quality remains good. Market demand for oranges is still extremely high, especially for oranges that have both good taste and a low price. Supplies of naval oranges grown in the United States are shrinking, and in response Spanish varieties are currently selling well. Prices for these oranges are generally higher but sales where brisk. At Guangzhou's Jiangnan fruit market, oranges are selling at lower prices than in most Shanghai markets. Spanish oranges are the best sellers in Guangzhou at present.

Sales of American Cara Cara oranges are fairly low, and much of the existing stock placed in storage. Because of this, new shipments are infrequent. Earlier this year, Cara Cara oranges were selling at high prices hovering around RMB 210. The total volume moving through markets remains small, and today US-grown Cara Cara oranges are selling at significantly reduced prices around RMB 160. Sales at this price remain steady, as the quality of Cara Cara oranges also continues to hold steady.

American summer oranges are not experiencing much price volatility, largely because market demand is low. The taste of US oranges is very similar to that of Egyptian imports, with the latter selling at lower prices. This has led customers to buy more Egyptian oranges.

In general, the Chinese market for imported oranges is well-stocked and prices are forecasted to remain stable.

Average prices as of May 26 from 14 markets currently selling oranges:

US Sunkist Valencia oranges: RMB 170-180 per 19kg box

US navel oranges: RMB 240-250 per 19kg box

Cara Cara oranges: RMB 160-180 per 10kg box

Egyptian oranges: RMB 95-110 per 15kg box   

Spanish oranges: RMB 190-220 per box 15kg box                         


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