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Vietnamese Red-Fleshed Jackfruit Prices Now Comparable to Durian Prices

November 08, 2023

According to Vietnamese media reports, strong demand from the Chinese market has caused farm gate prices for red-fleshed jackfruit in Vietnam to surge to as much as 105,000 Vietnamese dong ($4.31) per kilogram. This is nearly quadruple the prices seen in July and on par with those for Vietnamese Kanyao durians, which currently stand at approximately 100,000 dong ($4.10) per kilogram.

Oanh, a grower from Vinh Long province in the Mekong Delta region, reported that the grade 1 (8 kilograms or above per piece) red-fleshed jackfruit she cultivated sold for 105,000 dong ($4.31) per kilogram, while prices for grade 2 (6 kilograms per piece) and grade 3 (4 kilograms per piece) fruit ranged from 35,000 ($1.44) to 80,000 dong ($3.28) per kilogram. After deducting all expenses, she reported earning a profit of 70 million dong ($2,870), a result that left her highly satisfied.

At present, the western provinces of Vietnam have only limited cultivation area for red-fleshed jackfruit. With harvests just commencing, the fruit remains in short supply, leading to higher prices. Jackfruit production in Vietnam typically peaks around the time of Lunar New Year. Market data indicate significant price increases for red-fleshed jackfruit in provinces including Dong Nai, Hau Giang, Soc Trang, Vinh Long, An Giang and Dong Thap. In these areas, the prices for grade 1 jackfruit currently range between 95,000 ($3.90) and 105,000 dong ($4.31) per kilogram, while grade 2 and grade 3 fruit are priced at 85,000 dong ($3.49) per kilogram and 35,000 dong ($1.44) per kilogram, respectively.

Nguyen Minh Tan, a jackfruit trader from Tien Giang province, highlighted the high demand for Vietnamese red-fleshed jackfruit in China, where this fruit always commands high prices in supermarkets and retail chain stores. Consequently, to sustain these elevated prices, preserving the high quality and reputation of exported fruit is of utmost importance.

Official data reveal that the current cultivation area for red-fleshed jackfruit in the western and southern provinces of Vietnam has now reached 2,000 hectares. Binh Phuoc province alone has over 1,000 hectares, with an anticipated growth to 3,000 hectares by 2025. In addition, the provinces of Soc Trang, Hau Giang and Long An are also in the process of expanding their cultivation areas.

According to Nguyen, a surge of inexperienced growers attempting to cultivate a high-value fruit could result in inconsistent quality. The resulting presence of lower-quality fruits on the market might then undermine the entire industry, potentially leading to lower prices even for premium fruits. Chinese customs authorities place significant emphasis on packaging and quarantine processes, and a lack of compliance may trigger warnings or even temporary export bans. As such, Vietnamese jackfruit will still face challenges in sustaining favorable prices on the Chinese market.

Image: Pixabay

This article was based on a Chinese article. Read the original article.


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