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[Sun World China Recruitment] Technical and Research Agronomist

February 11, 2022

Company Name

Sun World International LLC China


Sun World International is a California-based agriculture and technology firm engaged in fruit variety development, technology, Intellectual Property and licensing business. Technology and IP pursuits include one of the world’s leading fruit breeding/genetics programs, a broad-based portfolio of plant patents and trademarks and investments in agriculture technology start-ups benefiting its global licensees. Licensing consists of sharing new proprietary stone fruit and table grape varieties, and the IP they comprise, with like-minded fruit growers and marketers in more than 15 countries around the world. The Company prizes creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Its people strive for excellence by demonstrating leadership, passion, kindness, authenticity, courage, initiative, and curiosity.

Number of Recruits




Position Title

Technical and Research Agronomist

Reports to

Vice President of Grower Support Services


The agronomist’s job is to assist producers and marketers improve the performance of our company’s proprietary varieties on their farms and maximize the profitability of these varieties.

Responsibilities and Duties

The successful applicant will carry out the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Help Sun World in establishing technical support for its proprietary varieties in the table grape industry of China
  • Evaluate performance and adaptability of our company’s new proprietary varieties to existing and new production regions and, together with the company’s agronomy team, develop guidelines for best cultural practices for these varieties
  • Perform regular visits to designated commercial farms where our company’s proprietary varieties are grown under license, to evaluate the varieties’ performance, identify and report on technical challenges
  • Provide growers with technical support and follow up on its implementation and progress. Level of technical support to growers must be consistent with training level of the agronomist. Training achievements will be reviewed at the end of each season and consequent level of technical assistance provided to growers will be managed in agreement with supervisor
  • Conduct field trials, under the supervision of Applied Research Director, aimed at creating new knowledge needed to overcome technical challenges that limit yield and/or fruit quality of our company’s proprietary varieties. Research objectives as well as trial designs, execution and reporting (in English) will be carried out as is customary in our company.
  • Implement various channels of communications with our company’s licensees in the region, such as use of social media, broadcasting, newsletters, field days and use these channels to deliver valuable technical information at relevant times during the season.
  • Maintain consistent and productive relationships with entities and professionals who may contribute to our company’s success, such as government and private researchers, extension service, farm advisors, growers’ associations & committees, etc.
  • Evaluate efficiency and feasibility of new technologies that may be beneficial to our company and/or to our licensees.
  • Support the Regional Licensing Manager with information needed for best business management.


  • Degree in agronomy or Agricultural Science (MS degree preferred), specialization in viticulture an advantage
  • Previous experience (> 5 years) in a similar role, such as technical/research assistant, or agronomist, or a farm advisor. Practical experience on grape or fruit farm would be an advantage
  • Availability to improve his/her viticulture skills through training (both field and scientific). Part of the training will be performed in other countries where SW is present
  • Knowledge of the plant main physiology processes, plant nutrition, soil characteristics, rootstocks, irrigation systems and other agronomic subjects. Specific agronomic knowledge on viticulture would be an advantage
  • Understanding of Precision Agriculture technologies and curiosity in using them
  • Experience with trial design, evaluation and analysis
  • Outstanding verbal and non-verbal communicational skills in English and in native language. Fluent English Required.
  • A pleasant personality, gets along well with colleagues, clients and with those with whom they report to.
  • High flexibility and mobility, readiness to travel, willingness to work during non-standard hours and on weekends/holidays if necessary.
  • A high level of proficiency with Microsoft Office, especially Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • An understanding of company procedures and levels of responsibilities.
  • Availability to work in a large and multicultural team
  • Exceptional time management skills, with the skill to multi-task and prioritize tasks.
  • Organized, good at documenting and retrieving data, files and reports.
  • Leadership skills are welcome
  • The employee spends a lot of time on the road and in the field. Equipment used is computer, copier, phone, laboratory equipment and backpack sprayer.
  • A significant percentage of the employee’s time is spent in the field; therefore, the employee can be exposed to weather conditions.
  • Curious, investigational in his/her DNA, always willing to try and learn something new.
  • High-level problem-solving skills, a keen eye for detail.
  • High level of organizational ability, and the ability to seek and suggest improvements
  • Chinese nationality or a valid working visa for China

Salary and Benefits

1. The employee can temporarily work from home and travel as requested. Office location to be determined in the future

2. Competitive salary, including all the social insurance benefits according to PRC regulations – salary to be defined based on qualification and experience 

3. Mobile phone allowance, gym reimbursement

4. Other benefits to be explained during the process 

Contact Information

Please send CV or Resume to or wechat:179824134

Validity Period

June 30, 2022

Image: Pixabay


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