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South African Macadamia Grower’s Association Partners with China Nuts Industry

April 17, 2017

Hefei, China—On April 13, 2017, Mr. Walter Giuricich, Chairman of the South African Macadamia Grower’s Association(SAMAC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Madam Weng Yangyang, the senior Vice President of the Specialized Committee for Nuts and Roasted Seeds of China National Industry Association (CNSA), aiming at enhance the cooperation for nuts and roaster industry between two countries. The signing ceremony took place at the opening of China Nuts and Roasted Seed Industry’s Annual Conference and 11th China Nuts and Roasted Seed Exhibition. The board members of CNSA, Mr. Mashudu Silimela, Agricultural Counsellor from the South African Embassy, and honoured guests, witnessed the event along with over one thousand Chinese nuts industry leaders.

At the opening, Madam Wang claimed that China is now the No. 1 nuts market in the world. As per the figure released by CNSA at the event, the total sales of nuts and roasted seeds in China have reached to RMB 132.7 Billion (around USD19.5 billion) in 2016, up 10% compared with the year before. It demonstrated the healthy growth of the industry, part of which shall contribute to CNSA’s effort to promote their members’ products, summarized as a slogan “eating a handful of nuts and roasted nuts a day will keep you healthy”. Giuricich echoed in his opening remarks addressing to the audience that, “many nut industries in the world have supplied more than 30% of their crop to China. “
When referring specifically to South African macadamias, China purchased approximately 40%, or 18,200 tongs in 2015 and 36%, or 13,680 tons, of the crop in 2016. The figure has drooped in 2016 as South Africa experienced its worst drought recorded in history.

“Looking forward from 2017 onwards the global macadamia industry is expected to be back at full capacity by 2018 and doubling in size by 2020! This massive growth will result in an industry which represents less than 2% of the international nut market to grow to 4% in the next 3 to 4 years. “ Said Giuricich.

No doubt China has played a key role in the future market growth for macadamia nuts. That’s why SAMAC is seeking the partnership with CNSA. The signed MOU will allow two parties to enhance cooperation by exchanging the industry information, jointly promoting the products, and deeply involved with both associations events.

As Giuricich put it ,“ the proverb from Nigeria goes, “a man cannot sit down alone to plan for prosperity”. Relationships, teamwork and trust though all levels of business and trade is important for success.”


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