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Sival de International Joins Hands with Horti China 

May 16, 2018

Horti China and Sivalde International solidified their partnership to build toward new business endeavors in the fields of agriculture, facility horticulture, planting, fresh produce, and feeding the future.

During the ceremony, David Zhong of VNU Exhibitions Asia expressed his belief that Horti Chinawill be the trailblazer for China’s horticultural industry. “Horti China is actively creating bonds with industry organizations and exhibition organizers around the world to form a collaborative network of horticultural cooperation”, exclaimed Zhong. “To establish a communication platform for China's horticultural enterprises, we must also influence Chinese companies to stretch their services abroad to understand global horticulture and the advanced concepts and technologies coming from Europe and the rest of the world. This cooperation with Sival is a win-win move that will contribute to the horticultural industry's push for both parties.

Bruno Dupont of SivalInternational affirmed the concept of cooperation and commitment to cultivating the horticulture industry both in Europe and in China.

Since 2017, VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd. gradually established an exhibition blueprint that covers the entire industry chain. It successfully launched the first half of the chain, Horti China in late November of that year, exceeding expected visitor and exhibitor numbers and gaining a positive reputation from international brands. This past January, VNU’s President David Zhong also visited Sival, the professional gardening/produce exhibition in Angers, France. Here, Zhong was welcomed by Mr. Christophe Bechu, the Mayor of Angers

During his visit, Mr. Zhong also had an access and communication with industry experts, academics, and international brand exhibitors.

Since that January, the business relationship blossomed into the win-win cooperation that was celebrated today. Both parties will work together to build upon the initial success of Horti China this coming November 21st-23rd, 2018


Sival de International 

The Sival exhibition is held annually in Angers, France. The show attracts more than 20,000 professional visitors from the fruit, vegetable, planting, gardening, and seed sectors. More than 600 exhibitors display their professional equipment and services.

Horti China

The second edition of Horti China will be held November 21st- 23rd, 2018. The “China Greenhouse Industry Annual Conference” and “Seed Industry Forum” will also be held concurrently. Exhibits range from seedlings, vegetables, fertilizers, pesticides, plant protection, greenhouse engineering, horticultural materials, fruits, harvest tech, packaging, sorting, and logistics. The exhibition covers 27,000 square meters and 400 exhibitors are expected to participate in 2018.

Image Source: Horti China

(The media release is provided by the third party.  It is being republished here in full, without editing. The contents do not necessarily reflect Produce Report’s point of view.)


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