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Red Moon® , blossom time and initiatives of the first Italian red flesh apple are underway

May 09, 2019

Bolzano/South Tyrol, 2nd May 2019. From 12th to 26th April the Red Moon® orchards with their extraordinary pink-colored flowers set off a brilliant sparkle in comparison to the standard white flowers of common apple varieties; this pinky color already suggests the “surprise inside”, the intense red color of the flesh.

Luis Clementi, technical director of Clementi Company, specialist in apple growing and sales, licensee and owner of Red Moon explains: “The bloom of our Red Moon® trees is the last one in all our orchards, full bloom was in April 19th in South Tyrol and April 22nd in the Veneto region. The quality and quantity of apples will depend obviously on the weather conditions during blossom and harvesting time, so today it’s really early to make serious forecasts. Nevertheless we are confident to double the 2018 volumes, also because young orchards are going into production.”

While selected producers are doing their best out in the orchards, the Red Moon® Team is busy carrying out some initiatives for the next commercial campaigns. In fact, the website has recently been completely updated, with new structure and content, fulfilling the information needs and curiosity of consumers. These changes are the result of numerous tasting campaigns in various countries, including the launch and test event of January at FICO Eataly World in Bologna. “The new website is designed exclusively for the final consumer,” explains Jürgen Braun, co-owner of KIKU Variety Management. “Interested people learn about the new apple, its natural origin, how the color of the flesh is closely linked to the nutritional profile, how to preserve it and how to taste it in many different occasions. One section is also dedicated to Red Moon® Sparkling, our natural beverage produced by Red Moon® apples only, which - thanks to the addition of carbon dioxide, transforms a simple healthy juice to an excellent non-alcoholic aperitif, in line with the most current food trends combining health and pleasure.”

The partnership with the South Tyrolean 3-star chef Norbert Niederkofler continues with Red Moon®: Norbert is busy experimenting and studying new uses and recipes for Red Moon®, but  also sensitizing people in general for a healthy diet. Therefore the platform “an apple to hand” was created Braun explains: “The values carried forward thanks to  this twinning are sustainability, regionality, seasonality, ethics and respect for nature and food.”

In addition, several varieties of apples are being investigated in collaboration with the Laimburg Experimentation Center and compared with the nutritional and health effects of RM-1 and RS-1. News of this study, will be published in detail later – stay tuned…

Red Moon® is an umbrella brand for a range of red-fleshed scab resistant apple varieties, developed in France by Jean-Luc Carrieres and the nurseries Escande.

The brand is owned by the Red Moon Company, founded by Carrieres, Escande, the Dutch consultant Hans Scholten and the South Tyrolean companies Gebr. Clementi and KIKU Variety Management (BZ).

The company Gebr. Clementi was initially the only licensee for the cultivation and marketing of Red Moon®. Meanwhile the South Tyrolean Company Bio Meran has joined for the organic and biodynamic production. Newcomers are the Barolli Orchards in Australia.

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