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Ready for the Second Edition of Interpoma China 2018

April 28, 2018

The first Interpoma China for the cultivation, storage and marketing of apples has been a success in last June. Over 2000 visitors were able to enjoy an offer of 70 companies in an exhibition space covering 5,000 square meters, half from China itself and half from nine other countries: Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Korea and the Netherlands. That’s why Fiera Bolzano and the Chinese partners are ready to launch the second edition of Interpoma China Congress & Exhibition from June 28th to 29th, 2018.

“The 1st Interpoma China was an important step to find out more about the world's largest apple market and to forge new contacts in the Chinese market. This presence in China has raised the networking importance of the parent Interpoma event in Bolzano as the most important forum of the apple-growing economy”, explains Thomas Mur, Director of Fiera Bolzano.

China is one of the leading apple growing countries, and Shandong is the most important apple production area in China. But over 90% of all orchards still lack protection against hail, birds or frost, less than 20% of them have fertigation facilities and the degree of mechanization still lies under 30%. The rapid modernization of China's way of cultivating apples, currently there are a lot of the apple orchards need to be rebuilt and many newly built modern orchards, also fueled by large-scale investments calls for vast advanced Dwarf rootstocks, proper facilities such as new pest control procedures, new machineries and equipment, new technologies and means of production.

Interpoma China Congress 2018

Adjacent the exhibition part, and requested by the local agriculture administrations of the huge orchard machinery and equipment demand in the main apple production area. Interpoma China Congress 2018invite speakers from China,Italy,Japan, and the topics focus more on the possibility to introduce new machineries, equipment and tools in China's cultivation of apples. The main sub-topics are “Green control and targeted fertilization”, “Quality control and non-bagged cultivation.”, “Scientific Regulators and Marketing strategy”.

Interpoma China Orchard Tours

During the 2 congress and exhibition days, the customized exclusive Interpoma China Orchard Tours for all attendees, take you into the local apple orchards and processing sites of Shandong and give you the chance to experience the current modern industrial revolution and the perspectives of the apple production in China

Interpoma China 2018 for the Production and Cultivation, Storage, Sorting and Packing technology, and Marketing of apples. It is meant to be the must attend exhibition platform for apple industry professionals, and also with endless business opportunities to the world's largest apple market.

Don’t miss the opportunity on June 28th to 29th at Interpoma China 2018.

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(The above media release is from Interpoma  It is being republished in full, without editing. The contents do not necessarily reflect Produce Report’s point of view.)



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