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[Press Release] Origine Group Begins Cooperation with Chinese Kiwi Company

September 03, 2019

From left: Reen Nordin, Alessandro Zampagna, Feng Bai, his assistant Elfin Huang and the researcher Amy Yuan

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Origine Group – a consortium of nine prominent Italian and Chilean fruit companies – has now laid the groundwork for its cooperation with a key Chinese company specializing in kiwis. On August 31, Origine Group’s Managing Director Alessandro Zampagna and Sales Manager Reen Nordin were welcomed in Sichuan Province in Southwest China by Feng Bai, General Manager of Sichuan Hua Sheng Agricultural Co. Ltd., one of Sichuan’s most important companies operating in the kiwi sector. Hua Sheng Agricultural grows over 150 hectares of yellow and red kiwis, with its own patented varieties, for which it is represented by the Italian company Fruitgrowing Equipment and Service. The new variety development is conducted in cooperation with the Kiwi Fruit Research Institute of the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Natural Resource Sciences, led by Prof. Li Minzhang.

During the visit, Alessandro Zampagna and Reen Nordin admired the red and golden varieties grown by Hua Sheng Agricultural. In particular, their attention focused on the red kiwi variety, which Origine Group intends to develop in Italy. Likewise, Hua Sheng Agricultural displayed interest in the cultivation techniques developed by Origine Group’s members. The visit continued with a tour of the new packing house and modern research and analysis laboratories. The two companies concluded the visit by laying the foundation for a cooperation agreement.

Origine Group’s managers continued their journey to Hong Kong for Asia Fruit Logistica (September 4–6), where the consortium will be exhibiting at booth H3 F20.

About Origine Group

The Origine Group consortium was founded in 2015 by several companies, international market leaders in the production and trading of fresh fruit and vegetables. The consortium represents companies already firmly established on the domestic and international markets, with a total turnover of over 1.2 billion dollars, which have pooled their resources to provide top-quality products and work together on innovation and new varieties for new emerging markets. Origine Group’s members include the Italian groups Apofruit, Frutta C2, Gran Frutta Zani, Kiwi Uno, Minguzzi, Salvi-Unacoa and Spreafico and the Chilean groups David Del Curto and Copefrut. Readers can learn more about Origine Group and their Sweeki kiwi brand at their websites.

Image: Origine Group

From left: Reen Nordin, Alessandro Zampagna, Feng Bai, his assistant Elfin Huang and the researcher Amy Yuan