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[Press Release] DiMuto Joins International Pineapple Organization as Trade Technology Partner

April 17, 2020

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Singapore, April 15, 2020DiMuto, a trade tech solutions platform that provides end-to-end supply chain visibility for global agri-food businesses, has joined the International Pineapple Organization as its official trade technology partner. The new collaboration will see DiMuto providing support to the global pineapple association not only through its trade technology solutions but also for R&D and marketing efforts.

The IPO is a global trade organization of pineapple growers from pineapple-growing regions around the world that aims to maximize efficiency and profit for the pineapple industry by identifying common needs in buying, marketing, cost savings and consulting. With an active presence in Latin America as well as the U.S., the cooperative’s mission is to identify common needs among its members and leverage the group to maximize efficiencies and economies of scale.

According to market research by Tridge, 28.3 million metric tons of pineapples were produced in 2018, and the export of fresh pineapples was valued at $2.1 billion, increasing by 11% from 2014 to 2018. The top pineapple exporters are tropical countries such as Costa Rica, Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. A 2018 FreshPlaza article reported that the global consumption of pineapples continues to grow, with the largest growth markets in Asia, such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Under the new partnership, DiMuto will be working with IPO members to support the digitalization of their pineapple supply chains and also strengthen the presence of the IPO in the Southeast Asia region, particularly in pineapple-exporting countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Using the DiMuto 4T Suite Solution, a four-part trade technology solution that combines blockchain, AI and IoT, DiMuto digitalizes the agri-food supply chain for data visibility and trade transparency, aiming to solve the industry’s various challenges, such as food waste, food safety and food sustainability.

The DiMuto 4T Suite Solution creates traceability for every single fruit as it moves through the supply chain by capturing important data at key supply chain stages. Individual products and cartons are tagged with DiMuto QR codes to assign each one a digital identity. These products and cartons are then digitalized through DiMuto’s proprietary digital asset creation devices (DACky). Buyers can then use the DiMuto Receiver app to acknowledge the receipt of goods and provide feedback, all of which is recorded on the DiMuto platform to truly close the supply chain loop on a single platform. With the visibility provided by data captured as the product moves through the supply chain, DiMuto helps to reduce disputes over quality and create trust among trade parties.

“The IPO is always on the lookout for technology and solutions that would benefit our pineapple growers. I have every confidence that DiMuto’s technology will help create supply chain visibility for our members from around the world and help them grow their international presence,” said William Cavan, executive director of the IPO.

“We are thrilled to have the support of the International Pineapple Organization as we strengthen our presence in the produce industry. With our technology, IPO growers will be able to show buyers the high quality of their pineapples for every single carton before it is shipped. This creates trust and reduces uncertainty amidst the disruptions brought on by COVID-19,” said Gary Loh, founder and chief executive officer of DiMuto.

This partnership comes hot on the heels of DiMuto’s latest investment from Latin Leap, a venture capital studio focusing on opening up opportunities in Latin America for Southeast Asian tech scale-ups. To date, DiMuto has tagged over 30 million pieces of fruit and tracked and traced over $100 million worth of agri-food trades. With a presence in seven countries, including the U.S., China, Indonesia, Australia and Mexico, the partnership with IPO will strengthen DiMuto’s international footprint in the global fresh produce industry.

About DiMuto

DiMuto is in the business of creating trust. We provide global supply chains with a trade technology platform built on four T’s: tracking, tracing, transparency and trust – thus demystifying global trade and enabling collaborative commerce.

The DiMuto Track & Trace blockchain platform creates end-to-end trade visibility and forms building blocks for further value creation in trade financing, product marketing and data analytics. Since 2018, DiMuto has successfully tracked and traced millions of pieces of produce and millions of dollars of trade value on our platform. We work with a global portfolio of clients in over seven countries on five continents.

DiMuto was founded by executive chairman Gary Loh, who is also the executive chairman of First Alverstone Group. For more information, please visit

About the International Pineapple Organization

The IPO is a market-driven organization that exists to bring together the greatest minds from the pineapple industry in all its forms under one roof on a regular basis throughout the calendar year.

The IPO provides a forum for representatives of pineapple-producing countries and their counterparts in various international markets, government bodies and the scientific community to meet on a regular basis and work together to ensure the smooth functioning of the supply and demand equation (market equilibrium).

Founded in 2012, the IPO is the sister organization of the International Mango Organization, which was founded in 2000 by executive director Will Cavan.

Image: Pixabay (main image), DiMuto (body image)


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