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Tech Platform DiMuto Teams Up With Australia’s Morning Glory Farms

February 27, 2020

DiMuto, a tech-based trade solutions platform that provides end-to-end supply chain visibility for global businesses, has announced a new deal with the Western Australian produce grower Morning Glory Farms. DiMuto will be digitalizing Morning Glory Farms’ spaghetti squash and plums to track and trace them throughout the supply chain, as well as conducting consumer marketing campaigns.

Located in the Southern Forests region of Western Australia, Morning Glory Farms grows a diverse range of crops such as stone fruit, sweet corn and spaghetti squash. Morning Glory Farms is also affiliated with the Southern Forests Food Council, a government-backed association representing over 100 producers and growers in Australia’s Southern Forests and Valleys region.

DiMuto’s tech-based solutions offer a new way for growers like Morning Glory Farms owner Bevan Eatts to connect with consumers and build trust. As Eatts puts it, “as a grower, it is difficult to reach out to consumers directly and tell our story. With DiMuto’s marketing solution, we are now able to let people know where and how their squash is grown, as well as getting feedback from them — a platform that truly closes the loop from farm to fork.”

Morning Glory Farms owner Bevan (left) and son Ewan Eatts, with DiMuto founder and chair Gary Loh (right).

Aside from produce tracking, DiMuto’s trade solutions platform also features their Sales and Marketing Retention and Awareness Tool (SMART) marketing solution, which helps small and medium produce growers and suppliers conduct marketing campaigns. Consumers can scan the DiMuto QR codes tagged to individual food products to instantly see the origin of the product, obtain information about the farm and growing practices, learn new recipes and participate in lucky draws. Consumers are also encouraged to leave feedback, giving brand owners important information regarding product quality and the consumer experience.

Gary Loh, the founder and chair of DiMuto, explains that “one of the common problems that growers have is that they’re unable to engage end consumers directly, and DiMuto’s QR marketing solution aims to change that. At the same time, consumers are able to know the origins of their food and the story of the farmers. That is why we are truly honored to be working together with Morning Glory Farms to reach out to consumers and communicate the good work that their farm has put in.”

The Morning Glory Farms brand of spaghetti squash is currently sold at major local retailers in Western Australia, including Coles and IGA. Under the new partnership, DiMuto will also be helping Morning Glory Farms to expand its international presence in the Southeast Asia region. In particular, the partnership is targeting Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand as key export markets for Morning Glory Farms produce.

Morning Glory Farms spaghetti squash on retail shelves in Singapore.

The partnership signals DiMuto’s expansion into the Australian market and the strengthening of its international trade network. The company already has operations in the U.S., Mexico and Asia. In addition to the recent additions of spaghetti squash and plums from Morning Glory Farms, DiMuto’s tech solutions are currently being applied to fresh fruits such as Chinese apples and Thai durians, as well as citrus, avocados and mangos.

The deal is part of the company’s plan to expand its international network of suppliers and buyers. DiMuto most recently received funding from SGInnovate, a venture firm owned by the Singaporean government. With this funding and strategic support from SGInnovate, the company plans to further capitalize on its global growth momentum in the coming months.

Images: DiMuto