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Photos: Asia Fruit Logistica 2015

September 07, 2015
Asia Fruit Logistica Hong Kong 2015

Visitors and exhibitors from around the world gathered in Hong Kong last week for Asia Fruit Logistica, the major annual fresh fruit and vegetable trade show focused on the Asia region. Produce Report was on-hand for the event held at the Asia-World Expo from September 2 to 4 and we snapped a few photos. Here are some of our favorites:

The trade show was preceded on September 1 by the Asia Fruit Congress, a day of sessions covering issues facing the fresh fruit and produce industry in Asia, with a focus on exporting internationally to Asian markets. The congress was hosted by Fruitnet Media Managing Director, Chris White [above].

Independent events held by exhibitors and other groups were plentiful as usual at this year’s Asia Fruit Logistica. Dole China and Truval celebrated the launch of the Conference pear season on the evening of September 1. In 2010 Belgium became the first country to gain import approval for pears to the Chinese mainland.

Well-known international brands such as Dole were well represented at the show.

New Zealand’s national kiwifruit brand Zespri invested in a prominent space with an attention-grabbing design

Zespri staffers dispensed samples and conducted surveys on taste preferences of a new variety of green kiwifruit.

French cooperative Blue Whale’s space featured a festive French-themed design.

The Blue Whale mascot.

French exporter Daniel Cadiou demonstrated that a smaller and relatively simple exhibition space can stand out from the crowd through strong design.

When in doubt, bring a plushy fruit mascot.

Fresh fruits were the star of the show, including pears and apples from Washington State, USA. The 2015 season is a milestone for America’s apple export industry, as it will be the first season when all apple varieties from all regions of the US are approved for import into mainland China. Previously only Washington State Red Delicious and Golden Delicious varieties had import approval to the mainland.

Avocados from New Zealand, which is currently attempting to gain import approval for avocados to mainland China and become the fourth country approved for avocado imports after Mexico, Chile and Peru.

Kiwifruit from Italian brand Jingold.

Bostock New Zealand apples.

Zespri Kiwifruit.

Carlos Aldeco Reyes Retana [third from left] of the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture and Kenneth Chan [fourth from left] celebrate the opening of the Mexican National Pavillion—one of 21 national pavilions at Asia Fruit Logistica.

The major Chinese purchasers were all on hand. Golden Wing Mau won in the category of “best importer” at this year’s Asia Fruit Awards, which are awarded by event organizers. Above, Golden Wing Mau’s General Manager, Jason Zhang.

Goodfarmer was another leading mainland importer with a major presence at the show.

Among the exhibitors were also a large number of mainland producers and exporters.

Juan Lazo of the Chilean Hass Avocado Committee shows off one of his nation’s avocados.

A sorting machine from Reemoon of China, one of many industry equipment and service suppliers exhibiting at this year’s event.

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A biodegradable metal-free box made of sustainably sourced wood from Megafrut of Chile.

Asia Fruit Logistica Hong Kong 2015


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