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April 21, 2017

American’s have picked the New Zealand-born Envy apple as their favourite apple in a consumer competition run by the U.S Apple Association.

A total of 32 apple varieties vied for the top spot in the competition which ran throughout March and called on apple fans across the States to pick their favourite. A few weeks in and candidates had been whittled down to the final four before Envy was named the overall winner this week.

The U.S Apple Association’s Korenna Wilson, director of consumer health, says the competition started on 22 February and ran for five-weeks with everything from Granny Smith to Honeycrisp and Fuji apples being voted on.

“It was fun to see apple fans’ passion for their favourite varieties play out on social media. Congrats however to Envy!” she says.

Envy was born using natural plant-breeding methods, crossing Braeburn with Royal Gala apples, by Plant and Food Research in New Zealand.

T&G Global now owns the trademark for Envy and first planted it in New Zealand nine years ago. A year later T&G planted Envy in the USA and the company expects to harvest more than two million cartons in the USA alone by 2020.

T&G Global’s executive general manager, pipfruit, Darren Drury is thrilled Envy has been chosen by so many in the US as their favourite apple.

“Envy is selling extremely well in the US but also our other key overseas markets such as Thailand, China and Vietnam. We’re intending to increase global production significantly over the next eight years to keep up with the growing demand for this premium apple.

“New-season Envy apples from Hawkes Bay, Nelson and Gisborne are also appearing in New Zealand stores from this month so kiwis will also be able to enjoy the apple that is the envy of others around the world again shortly,” adds Mr Drury.

Details of the competition can be found here:



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