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New Flagship Stores Aim To Boost Zespri’s Success in China

April 14, 2023

The 2023 Zespri New Zealand kiwifruit season has now been officially launched at produce wholesale markets in Jiaxing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang and other key cities under the collaboration of Joy Wing Mau, Zespri, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and industry members from around the country. The concurrent opening of two official Zespri flagship stores in Jiaxing and Guangzhou, jointly established by Joy Wing Mau, Zespri and their marketing partners, represents a new turning point in the strategic partnership among the parties. Joy Wing Mau has declared its continued dedication to enhancing domestic supply chain services, allocating resources to support Zespri’s penetration into the Chinese market and supporting sustainable brand development.

April 10 marked the official opening of the Zespri store in Jiaxing’s Haiguangxing Market in eastern China. The event was attended by Michael Jiang, Zespri’s executive officer for Greater China; You Zhijiang, general manager of Haiguangxing Market; Jiang Lei, general manager of the Strategic Brands and Categories Department of Joy Wing Mau; and other guests, who joined together to celebrate the start of sales for the 2023 season.

On the same day, Zespri’s second store opened its doors at Guangzhou’s Jiangnan Market in southern China. Various industry representatives were also in attendance at this event, including Pete Frost, NZTE’s trade commissioner; Ivan Kinsella, Zespri’s vice president of corporate affairs for Greater China; and Zheng Nanshen, general manager of Jiangnonghui Market, the imported fruit section of Jiangnan Market.

In addition to the store openings, the two markets in Jiaxing and Guangzhou also held celebrations to mark the arrival of Zespri’s first consignments of the SunGold variety, which recently reached Shanghai, Shenyang, Changsha, Wuxi and a number of other cities. The first batches of SunGold will be distributed to roughly 15,000 fruit stores at more than 30 wholesale markets in second- and third-tier cities across China.

Joy Wing Mau, the biggest purchaser of New Zealand’s kiwifruit in the world, has long helped Zespri establish its brand in China. In addition to streamlining supply chain processes, Joy Wing Mau announced that it would continue to increase consumer awareness of the Zespri brand by providing an exceptional customer experience in the new stores. The flagship stores in Jiaxing and Guangzhou are intended to serve as model stores for domestic brands. The company’s representatives also expressed their commitment to extending resources for Zespri’s further regional expansion. According to Joy Wing Mau, a solid foundation is currently being established for Zespri’s long-term success on the Chinese market.

The concept of sustainable development was another important area of cooperation highlighted during the event. The two parties have come to a strategic agreement on the promotion of eco-friendly and low-carbon business practices.

Images: Joy Wing Mau

This article was based on a Chinese article. Read the original article.


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