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New ASQIQ Registration System Begins October 1

September 27, 2015

Companies that export or import food to China will have a new registration system effective October 1, according to a Public Notice from China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) released last month.

This move is in response to the official implementation of the revised "Food Safety Law,” which is considered to be the most stringent yet for China and strives to further improve the quality of imported food.

The new regulation requires all foreign exporters, domestic importers, suppliers, and agents to register using the online system, which can be accessed Companies can use the web-based interface to submit required information, such as import and sales records.

The AQSIQ regulation seeks to improve several aspects of food imports, such as comprehensive record-keeping, and better traceability for products. The system will also keep track of violations and penalties companies may have against them. The registration system will ensure that exporters and importers meet food regulation requirements, and create a better mechanism for safeguarding quality along the whole supply chain.

Image source: AQSIQ


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