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Mohan Port Reopens to Thai Durians

April 19, 2022

According to an April 17 report on, Mohan Port in Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture reopened to imports of Thai durians last Friday (April 15) after a three-day suspension.

On April 11, the frontline headquarters of epidemic prevention and control at Mohan Port issued a notice stating that the previous day’s nucleic acid tests of 60 refrigerated vehicles carrying durians had afforded 10 positive results, corresponding to 71% of the 14 vehicles that tested positive that day. According to regulations, imports of durians through the port were subsequently suspended for 72 hours between midnight on April 11 and midnight on April 14.

Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives said that temporary closures of ports due to positive consignments will continue to occur and that traders must be prepared for emergencies. At the same time, the ministry reminded all parties to do their utmost to assist in coronavirus prevention and control measures when sending goods to ensure that durian exports meet China’s strict safety requirements.

The ministry further advised exporters to send durians to China by sea or air. At present, there are four to seven ships per week from Thailand’s Laem Chabang Port to Qinzhou Port in Guangxi province, with a shipping time of three to eight days; one to four ships per day to Shekou Port in Shenzhen, with a shipping time of six to 11 days; and one to three ships per day to Nansha Port in Guangzhou, with a shipping time of five to nine days. Although the Port of Shanghai has resumed its customs clearances services, further delays are expected owing to the current epidemic prevention regulations. With respect to air transport, SF Express is able to carry 25 tons from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to Shenzhen Airport six times a week.

Image: Pixabay

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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