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Lantao Introduces Salacca to the Chinese Market

July 13, 2015

Lantao, headquartered in Shanghai, China has teamed with Java Fresh of Indonesia to introduce salacca to the Chinese market.

Salacca, is often referred to as “snake-fruit” due to its scaly outer covering.  Though the fruit has a prickly outer skin, the inside meat is very sweet, and slightly acidic, not unlike a pinnapple in flavor. Its inner texture is crisp like an apple, but juicier, with a small inedible stone inside.

The fruit is high in fiber, potassium and pectin, so it is healthy as well as delicious to eat.

Java Fresh is a large-scale exporter of Indonesian premium tropical fruits worldwide and produces the #1 selling brand of salacca in the world. Salacca is a species of palm tree native to Indonesia, with the best cultivation being from Bali Island.

“The response has been excellent to this very special fruit”, said John Wang, CEO of Lantao. ”Consumers are always looking for something new and the snake-fruit really meets the flavor profile of our customers”.

Lantao is currently promoting the salacca in the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Qingdao and Harbin markets. 


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