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Joy Wing Mau and Dole China To Launch Joint Product

May 06, 2021

Leading Chinese fruit company Joy Wing Mau Corporation Ltd. has entered into its first strategic alliance with Dole China to jointly launch a Dole-branded packaged fruit cup.

The strategic alliance was signed at the Joy Wing Mau Group Shenzhen Operations Center on April 28. Attendees at the signing included Yang Tong, president and board chair of Dole China Packaged Foodstuffs and Drinks; Ma Renxing, head of sales for Dole China Packaged Foodstuffs and Drinks; Li Guangyi, head of marketing for Dole China Packaged Foodstuffs and Drinks; and Zhang Jian, president of the Joy Wing Mau Group.

Yang remarked at the signing ceremony that Dole’s 170 years of experience in the fruit and fruit products industry complements Joy Wing Mau’s knowledge of the Chinese market and that the joint fruit cup launch is intended to be an exploratory venture that will serve as a partnership model for the global market. Zhang also made remarks at the signing ceremony, asserting that as a platform-based company that links key global fruit sources and provides professional omnichannel services, Joy Wing Mau has always strived to provide major fruit brands with professional and effective omnichannel services with short supply chains.

Prior to its alliance with Dole, Joy Wing Mau established partnerships with other major players in the fruit and vegetable industry, including Zespri, T&G, Hortifrut, Driscoll’s and Rockit. Joy Wing Mau reportedly plans to create a strategic brand category unit to help leading global brands develop in the Chinese market and will dedicate the same amount of resources to the unit as it does for its own product lines.

According to Dole, the fruit cup is manufactured exclusively from fruit and fruit juice and contains zero fat, added sugars, or artificial additives in an effort to cater to the increasingly health-conscious Chinese consumer. The cup will also reportedly be sold in light, portable packaging.

Joy Wing Mau’s joint product launch with Dole reflects the Chinese company’s global ambitions. The company has expressed hopes to strengthen its organization and increase resource allocation in order to supply more of its fruits from abroad.

Images: Joy Wing Mau

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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