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INTERPOMA CHINA 2018 International Congress & Exhibition for the Cultivation, Storage and Marketing of apples

June 21, 2018

The international congress on the apple sector returns to China and will be held, as last year, during Interpoma China, from 28 to 29 June 2018, at the Weihai International Exhibition & Conference Center in the Shandong Province of China. On this occasion, Interpoma China Tours will be held on 29th and 30th June 2018, pointing out the future trends in China’s booming apple sector.

Interpoma China Congress offers an international program featuring renowned speakers from all over the world, organized with the help of numerous partners such as Weihai Municipal Agriculture Bureau, Qingdao Agriculture University, and the Apple Industry Association of Weihai. During these two days the focus is placed on the possibility to introduce new machineries, equipment and tools in China's cultivation of apples. The main themes in the morning of Thursday June 28 will look at “Low Loss Spray Application and Mechanization in Fruit Production”, “Analysis of technological approaches to reduce chemical fertilizer application in apple orchard in China”, and “Targeted Fertilization based on Soil- and Leaf Analyses” and “Technique and facility introduction from Companies”. In the afternoon, the main themes are “Maturity Tests, Harvest Window and Storage Systems”, “Market status and developing strategy of apple producing and marketing docking in China”, and “Japanese Fuji Cultivation changing from bagged to non-bagged “ and “Technique and facility introduction from Companies”. On Friday June 29 morning, the second and final day, the focus will be “Chemical Thinning and Growth Regulators on Fuji”, “The current situation, problems and solution of apple pest management in China”, and “The Knip-Boom Production in Nursery”. During the 3 half days Congress this year, several experts from apple industry companies will bring and share their advanced technique, facility and rich practical experience to all the attendees.

The Interpoma China Tours, co-organized by the Weihai Municipal Agriculture Bureau, Qingdao Agriculture University, Fruit Tree and Tea Workstation of Shandong, Weihai Mnicipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Fiera Bolzano Exhibition Center, are meant to give an introduction to the reality of the Chinese apple industry, showcasing not only the traditional methods and the present process of modernization when it comes to the producing and processing of apples, but also pointing out the future trends in China’s booming apple sector. Industry experts and pomologists are going to take the participants out into apple orchards of Weihai and processing sites and give the chance to experience the endless opportunities China has to offer.

Two Interpoma China Tours are scheduled to take place during the event Interpoma China 2018, following two different lines and tour programs.:

Tour 1 on June 29th afternoon will be half-day tour intended for the Chinese audience interested in getting to know the development of the Chinese apple industry, featuring 2 lines to choose from:  Line 1 is going to lead you to Weihai's Lingang, New Economic & Huancui districts, concentrating thematically on China's modern way of apple cultivation, innovative techniques and tree nurseries. Line 2 will instead focus on apple storage, sorting facilities and the modern way of apple cultivation in Weihai Rongcheng city.

Tour 2 scheduled on June 30th, which is going to be special full-day tours exclusively for Pre-registered applicants and international guests, combining both lines and feature English speaking guides and experts on 30th. 

If you are interested in attending the exhibition, pls register it online via  before Jun 25, 2018, 22:00 (GMT +8:00)

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