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Honey Pomelo Export Peak Season, EU Becomes the Largest Market

September 19, 2017

Since August, honey pomelo export season has arrived in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. According to customs data, the volume of honey pomelo exports in August 2017 amounted to over 1,000 tons—with a value of the goods of over a million dollars. Exports of the fruit were to the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Romania and other countries.

In 2016, Honey pomelo exports exceeded 7,600 shipments and totaled 155 thousand tons valued at USD 144 million —these numbers were up 20.2%, 16.9% and 8.2%, respectively. Some 5,677 batches of honey pomelo, weighing over 100 thousand tons and valued at USD 96.9 million were exported to the European Union (EU). The previous figures showed growth of 17.6%, 15.1%, and 4.7% respectively. For the first time ever, the export volume of this fruit to the European Union exceeded 100 thousand tons.

Honey pomelo is a traditional export product of Zhangzhou. Because of the fruit’s unique flavor and taste, it is popular worldwide. Honey pomelo export season typically lasts nine months from the end of July to about the end of March. Pomelo accounts for nearly 70% of Zhangzhou’s total grapefruit exports.

Consequently, Zhangzhou’s government is promoting the standardization and development of the honey pomelo export industry. This demonstration area has now dedicated 36.2 thousand acres for the export of the honey pomelo. As a result, the management of honey pomelo planting has been regularization, which solves quarantine risk problems and misuse of agricultural chemicals. Pomelo exports, impressively, have not experienced quality problems for three years.

In terms of cultivation area, yield, output value, market share, brand value, and export volume of this sweet pomelo in Zhangzhou ranks first in China. Accordingly, Zhangzhou is known as the "Chinese Pomelo City". Presently, the cultivation area of honey pomelo in Zhangzhou has reached 107 thousand acres, which produces 1.2 million tons that drive a value of 10 billion Yuan (USD 1.5 billion). The honey pomelo has also become an official China Protected Geographical Indication Product and one of the EU-China Geographical Indications – “10 plus 10" products.


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