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Fruit Day and Beyond Meat Offer Something Different for Chinese New Year

February 16, 2022

Fruit Day, a pioneer of the new retail model in China’s fresh produce sector, and Beyond Meat (Nasdaq: BYND), a leading producer of plant-based meats, recently announced that they had entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. As such, during the 2022 Chinese New Year holiday, customers in Shanghai were able to purchase Beyond Meat products both in person at eight of Fruit Day’s City Shop supermarkets and online.

This cooperation between Fruit Day and Beyond Meat offered consumers new options for festive food products with plant-based meats, including Beyond Burger, Beyond Beef and Beyond Pork. Plant-based meat products not only contribute to a more sustainable environment but are also intended to be versatile and comparable to animal meat in terms of juiciness and texture. Consumers can also use plant-based meats to cook classic Chinese dishes such as dumplings and other cuisine for Chinese New Year.

Jeremy Yeo, China general manager of Beyond Meat, and Wang Wei, chairman of Fruit Day, cut the ribbon at a ceremony marking the start of the cooperation between the two companies.

As a leader in China’s emerging fresh produce new retail market, Fruit Day is committed to providing its customers, who sign up as members, with products having the optimal relationship between price and value. Beyond Meat products are made with pure plant-based raw materials and are thus highly compatible with the currently popular concepts of following a low-carbon lifestyle and eating a balanced diet.

Xu Aihui, China brand and public relations director for Beyond Meat, said that consumer demand for plant-based meats is currently witnessing strong growth and she is pleased to have entered into this cooperation with Fruit Day, highlighting that both companies are committed to bringing delicious, healthy and convenient products to their customers. Xu also emphasized Beyond Meat’s intention to further expand its retail partnership network in the future to bring tasty plant-based meat products to more consumers.

Huang Jing, head of fruit supply chain at Fruit Day and City Shop, said that it was a great honor to have the opportunity to work with Beyond Meat, which has been committed to disruptive innovation in how meat products are consumed, bringing to customers plant-based meats that are very similar to animal meat in appearance, texture and cooking methods. Huang also pointed out that Shanghai brings together high-end diners from all over the world, and the appearance of Beyond Meat products in City Shop stores will help make them more accessible to consumers. She further declared Fruit Day’s goal of working with Beyond Meat to introduce other delicious plant-based meat products to customers in the future.

Images: Fruit Day

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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