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First Ecuadorian Mangoes Expected in China by Late October

February 05, 2016

Thanks to the favorable land conditions in Ecuador, Ecuadorian mangoes are considered to be one of the finest fruits in the world for their unique tropical flavor and scent. As per our previous report, Ecuadorian mangoes are due to enter the Chinese market after years of negotiations. The first batch is expected to arrive in China by the end of October. We at Produce Report were honored to have the opportunity to interview Fresh Produce Consultant Evelyn Vallejo to discuss the introduction of Ecuadorian mangoes to the Chinese market.

The U.S. and Europe have traditionally been the major destinations for Ecuadorian mangoes. They are also exported to Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, and Chile. Ms. Vallejo believes that the export of Ecuadorian mangoes to China represents a win-win situation, especially in terms of market diversification. On the one hand, Ecuador has earned its chance to enter the world’s largest as well as most sought-after market; on the other hand, Chinese consumers will have the opportunity to experience another high-quality international product with great color and flavor.

According to Ms. Vallejo, the harvest season of Ecuadorian mangoes starts around the middle of October and lasts until the end of January or early February. The peak production period occurs in November and December, when the production of other rival countries decreases. Therefore, there is a gap in the market for Ecuadorian mangoes, representing an advantage for Ecuador in the Chinese market.

Currently, there are five major treatment and packing plants, serving the needs of the national exporters as well as exporting their own produce to the various destinations. Ms. Vallejo proudly told Produce Report that among these, one is South America’s top plant in terms of its scale. “The mangoes are packed in high-quality carton boxes. Each box weighs 4 kg, and contains 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 or 14 units,” said Ms. Vallejo.

However, Ms. Vallejo also acknowledged that long-distance transportation is a major challenge for the trade. In order to keep the mangoes fresh, the preferred choice is air transport, although this can result in a higher price.

Photo Source: Pixabay


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