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Finite supply of early season New Zealand Breeze ™ Apples available in China

April 06, 2017

On March 23, 2017, the first container of Breeze ™ Apples arrived in Guangzhou, China. It did not take long for them to sell out.

The production of Breeze ™ Apples dropped by 40-50% this season due to damaging hail storms in New Zealand. Moreover, Breeze ™ Apples are grown seasonally, so their supply will be very limited this year. Suppliers will offer different specs and quality of apples to wholesale and retail channels.

As Produce Report have learned that only 25 containers of Breeze™ Apples could meet with China’s high standard for imported goods. Additionally, the current supply of Breeze ™ Apples will last until the beginning of May. In the future, larger planting areas and improved quality control are expected to extend the supply period for an additional 2-3 months.

Breeze ™ Apples received good sales results when they first landed on Chinese shelves in 2015. Last year, Shenzhen Yuanxing Fruit Co. Ltd. (Yuanxing Fruit) became the exclusive partner of a New Zealand fruit and vegetable exporter, Freshco, to promote Breeze ™ Apples in China. Yuanxing Fruit plans to promote to northern areas of China, as Breeze ™ Apples already have already gained market share in both Guangdong and Shanghai.

Breeze ™ apples, which are New Zealand’s first apple strain to hit the market, have a beautiful red color and crispy taste. New Zealand’s mild climate, fertile soil and fresh water are suitable for cultivation of excellent apples. As a result, a significant number of apples in New Zealand are for export. Breeze™ Apples are the freshest apples, with good color and taste, available to Chinese consumers for the now being.


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