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Fierce Imported Orange Market in China

May 04, 2017

In recent years, imported oranges have been selling well in the Chinese market. In 2016, the total imported value reached 240 million USD with a 46.5% year-on-year increment. The clear leader was South Africa, exporting 79 million USD worth of oranges to China, which accounted for 32.7% of all orange imports. America took second place, sharing 30.9% of the market, followed by Australia, which took 21%. Egypt (9.49%) and Spain (5.35%) ranked sequentially from fourth to fifth place. Although Spain placed fifth, the volume of imported Spanish Citrus almost tripled last year.

So far in 2017, oranges in the Chinese market were mainly imported from America, Spain and Egypt. Produce Report is honored to have Mr. Ma from Shun De Feng(Shanghai)to analyze the latest imported citrus market.

Ranked by import value, the leader of the market is America. American Navel and Blood Oranges gradually go out of season, when Valencia oranges start arriving. Although the price of the Navel oranges fell after a rise at the end of April, the total sale has been exceptionally good this year. With the coming of the Labor Day, the superior Black Label Navel commands a price of RMB 400 per box (20kg) averagely. 88# Navel peaked at 420RMB. Additionally, the momentum of Valencia oranges is staggering as well. Even with a setback suffered by the produce caused by excess rainwater, the fruit of this year is still large in size and of excellent quality. Thus, America is in a bullish mood regarding price, which should have a tendency to rise throughout this year.

Sales of Spanish oranges shrunk this year. There are two main reasons leading to this fact. Firstly, disastrous weather damaged the fruit in the orchard, drastically affecting the produce. It is reported that the output of this year is only one-fifth of last year. Secondly, a labor strike at the harbor caused several gaps to occur during freight. In addition, the taste of the early fruit has been inconsistent. Fortunately, with the strike ending and an overall improvement in taste, the price of the Spanish Navel orange is climbing as well. The price for a box of 15kg is around 220 RMB or more.

Market demand for Egyptian oranges has always been fairly good. The price in February was rather powerful while it dropped a bit in March. However, with the temperature climbing as well as the demand. The price is firm. A box of 15kg is selling for RMB 140 to RMB 150.

Due to the Egyptian oranges going out of season,the floundering environment of the Spanish orange and the time laps of the African and Australian ones,the American Valencia orange is expected to yield a brilliant result in 2017.

Image source: Sunkist


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