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From fast food to fresh feasts: Fruit Logistica Trend Report Part 4

June 07, 2018

In an age where the quality of fast food is rapidly improving and consumer demand for meals outside the home is bubbling away nicely, the fresh fruit and vegetable business could potentially dine out on the healthy eating trend for many years to come.

That’s the main conclusion drawn in the fourth and final part of Disruption in Fruit & Vegetable Distribution, FRUIT LOGISTICA and Oliver Wyman’s ground-breaking free report about the future of international fresh produce supply chains.

With healthy options very much on the menu, fresh produce is serving up precisely the kind of additional value that consumers want nowadays when ordering food in a restaurant, eating on the go, or using one of the world’s fast-emerging delivery services…and that’s just for starters.

“Over the past few decades, we have seen a steady trend towards more frequent out-of-home eating,” the report states. “People increasingly choose to dine out or to eat on the go. In many markets, this has resulted in an equivalence in monetary terms between the value of the food consumed at home and that consumed elsewhere.”

Furthermore, despite suggestions that the recent proliferation of foodservice variety and quality could slow down over the coming decade, the report concludes that increased demand for fresh, high-quality ingredients will combine with a marked shift towards diets that include more natural, less processed foods.

All four parts of the FRUIT LOGISTICA Trend Report 2018 are available here. 

The media release is provided by the third party.  It is being republished here in full, without editing. The contents do not necessarily reflect Produce Report’s point of view.

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