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Dole and McDonald’s Release New Fat-Free Golden Pineapple Sorbet

May 06, 2021

Correction: In a previous version of this article dated April 27, we inaccurately suggested that the collaboration involved U.S.-based Dole Food Company rather than Dole Asia, a subsidiary of Dole International and part of the Itochu Corporation since 2012. We apologize for this error.

On April 21, Dole China announced its collaboration on a new addition to the McDonald’s summer menu this year — Golden Pineapple Sorbet. This creative snack adds an all-new, fat-free option to the array of frozen desserts available over the summer months.

The new Golden Pineapple Sorbet is made with Dole’s golden pineapple juice and uses cutting-edge technology to produce a uniquely light, fluffy texture, perfectly capturing the crowd-pleasing flavor of Dole’s golden pineapples. Modern consumers are becoming more conscious of choosing low-fat food and beverages to maintain a balanced diet, yet at the same time, they have higher expectations than ever when it comes to flavor. The new McDonald’s × Dole collaboration is aimed at fulfilling both of these consumer needs, offering a delicious, dairy-free and “guilt-free” sweet treat.

Since Dole entered the Chinese market in 1998, the brand’s golden pineapples have gradually become a consumer favorite, with around 35 million pineapples currently being sold in China every year. They are known for being sweet, flavorful and easy to prepare, with no need to cut out the eyes from the pineapple or soak the pieces in salt water (a common practice in Asia for reducing astringency). Dole’s pineapple production base in the Philippines is located on the island of Mindanao, near the active volcano of Mount Matutum, and is the largest pineapple growing and harvesting operation in the Philippines. The unique soil at the foot of the volcano, favorable climate and year-round sunlight make this area ideal for growing pineapples.

Dole’s golden pineapples have been a star exhibit at the China International Import Expo since 2018, attracting the attention of numerous local media outlets. Prior to release of the McDonald’s × Dole Golden Pineapple Sorbet, Dole had previously worked on brand collaborations with several well-known iced tea brands, creating a number of tea beverages based on Dole’s golden pineapples.

Dole Asia, a subsidiary of Dole International and part of the Itochu Corporation, has established processing and distribution centers in a number of Chinese cities and has sales partners spanning the whole country, including 11 nationwide supermarket chains, 26 well-known regional chains and 31 premium fruit retail chains, totaling over 1,900 stores throughout more than 190 different cities and regions.

McDonald’s entered the Chinese market in 1990 and today operates more than 3,900 locations throughout the country, including restaurants, delivery services, McCafé stores, Dessert Stations and Drive-Thru points. McDonald’s has also been promoting sustainable development initiatives, including a focus on greener restaurants and packaging as well as child nutrition. This aligns with Dole’s new brand identity that was announced worldwide in 2020, focused on sustainable nutrition and reducing environmental impact, including the goal of providing high-quality nutrition to one billion people by 2025.

The new Golden Pineapple Sorbet will be sold at more than 2,000 McDonald’s Dessert Stations in 28 cities throughout China and is ready to become a new consumer favorite over the summer months.

Images: Dole China

This article was translated and adapted from Chinese. Read the original article.


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