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Declining Production Set To Drive Up Vietnamese Mangosteen Prices

May 02, 2024

According to a local news report, ongoing hot weather in southeastern Vietnam’s Binh Duong province is expected to cause mangosteen production to decrease by approximately 70% compared with last year.

Binh Duong is renowned for growing a variety of fruits such as jackfruit, durians and rambutans, and it is also one of the country’s main regions for mangosteen production, boasting a cultivation area exceeding 1,000 hectares. The mangosteen season in Binh Duong typically lasts from June to September, with this year’s harvest anticipated to commence from June 8 to 15.

The city of Thuan An has the largest area of mangosteen plantations in Binh Duong, with production predominantly concentrated in the districts of Lai Thieu, An Son, Hung Dinh and Binh Nham. Encompassing approximately 600 hectares, this extensive cultivation area accounts for over half of the province’s total.

Tran Van Vien, director of the An Son Agricultural Cooperative, stated that mangosteen production normally experiences annual fluctuations, with high yields in one year often followed by a decline in the next. A local mangosteen grower estimated that the yield from his own orchard this year may only reach 20% of last year’s, attributing this decline to prolonged hot weather and other issues such as pest problems.

Binh Duong reportedly introduced a policy in 2016 aimed at supporting growers. However, enforcement of this policy had ceased by the end of 2021. Moreover, the costs of agricultural inputs, particularly fertilizers, have been on the rise, posing challenges for growers trying to provide adequate care for their fruit trees. These factors have also contributed to the notable decline in mangosteen production forecast for this year.

At present, wholesale prices for mangosteens in Vietnam range from 50,000 to 80,000 Vietnamese dong ($1.97–3.15) per kilogram, but these are anticipated to rise in the near future on account of the limited supply. Some mangosteen growers are reportedly hoping that the government will introduce policies to help them maintain profitability.

Image: Pixabay

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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