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China–Myanmar Border Crossings Start To Reopen

May 30, 2022

According to the Myanmar Golden Phoenix newspaper, trucks and goods stranded on the Chinese side of the Ruili–Muse and Wanding–Pang Hseng border crossings will be permitted to cross into Myanmar through the Golden Triangle channel of the former crossing.

Numerous trucks and large quantities of goods reportedly remain on the Chinese side of the border, with many trucks from Myanmar having been stranded in Ruili for more than one year. Beginning from May 23, once the owner completes the requisite paperwork, all goods will be checked and sealed and then allowed to return to Myanmar.

Meanwhile, Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce said that negotiations with China regarding the further reopening of the border crossings are underway. The main purposes of the negotiations are to establish the details of epidemic prevention and control measures, formalize procedures for the inspection of goods on both sides and resolve other issues concerning the resumption of trade.

Prior to the pandemic, the Ruili–Muse border crossing was one of the busiest and most important between China and Myanmar. However, the border has been mostly closed since July 8, 2021, with only medicines and medical supplies permitted to enter Myanmar. With the four remaining channels still closed, the Golden Triangle channel is currently the only available route into Muse.

The Leiyun channel of the Ruili–Muse crossing was reopened on April 13. As of the first week of May, a total of 5,441 metric tons of sugarcane worth approximately 2.45 million Chinese yuan ($367,000) had entered China via this channel. According to reports, all trucks and goods must be disinfected twice during the customs clearance process, and the vehicles must be transferred to a Chinese driver who will deliver the goods to the designated area.

Image: Pixabay

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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