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Chilean Nectarines Obtain Market Access for China

November 01, 2016

Starting this month, Nectarines from Chile will be permitted for import into China.

Carlos Furche, Chile’s Minister of Agriculture, broke the news on October 25, during a “Chile Week” promotion activity in the US. Market access for Chilean nectarines is the result of many rounds of negotiation over the last three years.

Opening up the China market is definitely a major boost to Chilean nectarine exporters. “To the exporters, market access for China opens up a very vibrant market and enables them to diversify their export markets”, said Mr. Furche. Market access for China has very positive implications to Chile’s agricultural and fresh fruits businesses as a whole. Mr. Ronald Brown, chairman of Chilean Fruit Exporter Association (ASOEX) commented that China would have the potential to import up to a million boxes of Chilean nectarines. “Winning market access just before Chile’s nectarine season is very good news to the 500 producers. When exports to China become more regular, the workers’ income may also increase,” said Mr. Brown.

The Chinese and Chilean governments are now putting together the final draft of the agreement which, once signed, is to become effective this month.

Image: ASOEX


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