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Chilean Citrus Exports Increase 48% This Season

December 06, 2023

In a recent update, the Chilean Citrus Committee has revealed a robust recovery in the Chilean citrus industry, with exports increasing by 48% this season. The shipping period for Chilean citrus to major markets has now concluded, and the committee’s reports indicate significant growth in export volume throughout the 2023 season.

Total citrus exports from Chile reached an impressive 395,889 metric tons this season, marking a substantial 16% increase compared to the past three-season average. Among the exported citrus varieties, clementines constituted 15.5%, mandarins claimed 43.7%, oranges made up 23.7% and lemons accounted for 17.1%.

Mandarins emerged as a standout performer during the season, experiencing a 94% year-on-year increase in exports. Despite the surge in sales, the market has maintained relative stability, and prices remain at acceptable levels.

Juan Enrique Ortúzar, the head of the Chilean Citrus Committee, highlighted the United States as the primary market for Chilean citrus, with robust performance for all citrus varieties. Additionally, lemon exports to key Asian markets, such as Japan and South Korea, have played a crucial role in the industry’s success.

Citrus exports from the Southern Hemisphere totaled approximately 4 million metric tons this season. With nearly 400,000 metric tons shipped, Chile secured the second position, trailing only South Africa. Ortúzar identified South Africa, Argentina and Peru as Chile’s fiercest competitors in the global citrus market.

Addressing the impact of climate change on this season’s harvest, Ortúzar emphasized that drought was the primary challenge for citrus cultivation in Chile. The cold spring, accompanied by the El Niño phenomenon, resulted in a shorter flowering period and decreased yields this season. However, predicting the situation for the next season remains uncertain, and careful monitoring of climate conditions will be crucial for the industry’s future success.

Image: Unsplash

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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