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Cherries From Chile Pop-up Experience Targets Post-CNY Consumption

February 22, 2021

The Chilean Cherry Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) has recently continued its efforts to promote cherry consumption in the China market and support cherry traders in the period following Chinese New Year. The committee is poised to place even more emphasis on the post-holiday period for next year’s Chilean cherry season, when Lunar New Year’s Day will fall on Feb. 1, substantially earlier than this year’s date of Feb. 12.

Pop-Up Cherries from Chile Experience at Yangchenghu Service Area

The Yangchenghu Service Area, just to the west of Shanghai on the section of the G2 expressway running between Shanghai and Suzhou, is not a typical bland highway rest stop. It is more like a trendy shopping mall, replete with famous international brands and an extensive food court. In fact, the service area has evolved into a tourist destination in and of itself, with Chinese social media influencers frequently stopping by to document their experiences there on TikTok and other social media platforms.

This past weekend, it was also home to a pop-up Cherries from Chile experience featuring cherry-themed games, product samples and refreshments for visitors. The event was held adjacent to the Yangchenghu Service Area in-house fruit shop and was timed to attract crowds of drivers returning home from their extended holiday trips.

Other Promotional Activities

The Cherries from Chile Chinese New Year 1.8 Million Yuan Super Lucky Draw, announced in late January and staged by the Chilean Cherry Committee, was deemed a big success, attracting more than 37,000 participants. Winners began to be announced starting from Feb. 16, including the lucky winner driving home in a cherry red Tesla Model 3!

Meanwhile, in-store cherry retail promotions are ongoing at six leading retail chains.

Stay tuned to learn the latest about ASOEX’s promotional campaigns for Cherries from Chile and other Chilean fruit!

Images: ASOEX/Weibo


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