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Australian Blueberries Given Market Access Priority

October 25, 2017

According to Australian reports, Australian and Chinese governments have reached an agreement for new horticulture market priorities. For Australia, this agreement marks its largest two-way trade relationship. The settlement involves the inclusion of Australian blueberries on the priority list following Australian apples. Both fruits are now one step closer to gaining market access in China.

The addition of blueberries on the priority list is cheering news for local Australian blueberry growers. Ken O’Dowd MP, Federal Member for Flynn, believes this agreement means opportunity and a larger market for growers in Queensland, Australia.

Hartsuyker MP, Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, expressed, Australian blueberries are currently exported to nearly 20 countries. And the new agreement is an important opportunity for Australian apple industries as it allows entrance into a valuable market.

China is one of Australia’s key trade partners. According to the Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, the new agreement is welcomed by Australia’s blueberry, apple, and $9 billion horticulture industry.

Presently, Australian products with market access include oranges, mangos, Tasmanian apples, grapes, cherries, and nectarines. The entrance of Australian blueberries will create a competitor for South American exporters. Still, Australian fruits are known to have a good reputation in China. Access to Chinese markets could eliminate overcapacity concerns by catering to the demand of Chinese consumers—a situation that is beneficial for both sides.

Reportedly, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will work together with the Australian blueberry industry in preparing for official market access to China.

The new agreement builds upon the market achievements of the‘four and four’ agreement that prioritized negotiations for horticulture market access in 2006. From the agreement, Australian grapes, cherries, and nectarines have gained access. Currently, peaches, plums, and apricots are being discussed.


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