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5 Days Shorter Shipment Lead Time for Chilean Cherries

August 24, 2016

Chilean Cherry Committee recently signed an agreement with the shipping consortium ASPAI whereby during week 47 and week 52, shipments of cherries from South America to Hong Kong and Shanghai would be expedited and only take 22 and 25 days respectively, five days shorter than the current transit time. This arrangement would benefit all members of the Chilean Cherry Committee as well as the whole cherry industry in Chile.

Cristian Tagle, president of Chilean Cherry Committee confirmed the signing of the deal. He indicated that the Committee’s new way of thinking and new practices would benefit members significantly and even the whole cherry industry of Chile. Tagle stressed the importance of the new shipping agreement because it would reduce the transit time for shipping Chilean cherries to China by 5 days, allowing fresher, high quality cherries to be in the market. This in turn would help sales. The arrangement was seen as able to greatly support a series of promotions planned for China in the next season.

Ronald Bown, president of Chilean Fruit Exporter Association (ASOEX), said that this sea freight agreement reflected the efforts by the Chilean Cherry Committee and its members to advance the industry’s development. He added that, just like the promotion plan for Chilean cherries, this agreement has brought together all the exporters, providing great impetus to the industry’s development.

The new promotion plan is expected to increase sales of Chilean cherries in China significantly. It would be the biggest promotion ever for cherries, as the Committee is planning to spend $5-7 million in the 2016-17 season, and the key target being the China market. 80% of cherries produced in Chile are exported to China. The promotion plan would also include undertaking market research in Korea and Japan, as well as promotions in the US and Brazil. Chilean Cherry Committee would also be working with Fruits Development Fund (FDF) to research into the technology for pest monitoring, prevention and control. “Hope that all cherry exporters in Chile would participate in this unprecedented initiative,” said Tagle.

Image: ASOEX


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