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2016 Jan–Oct Trade Summary for China’s Fresh Pear Exports and Imports

December 08, 2016

Recent data announced by the China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA) show that, from January to October 2016, both the export value and export volume of Chinese fresh pears increased. The total export value increased by 12% to reach 0.39 billion USD, while the total export volume increased by 27% to reach 359,000 tons. By October 2016, the average price of fresh pears was 1,085 USD per ton, a decrease of 12%. Yunnan, Shandong, and Hebei ranked as the top three provinces for fresh pear exports by volume, accounting for 64% of China’s total fresh pear exports.

Southeast Asia has remained the key market for China’s fresh pear exports. Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia ranked as the top five destinations for China’s pear exports, with export volumes and values of 61,000 tons (71.28 million USD), 43,000 tons (54.06 million USD), 63,000 tons (48.51 million USD), 26,000 tons (46.14 million USD), and 35,000 tons (40.08 million USD), respectively. These five countries and regions accounted for 67% of China’s total fresh pear exports.

In terms of imports, the value and volume of imported fresh pears in the first ten months of 2016 totaled 11.04 million USD and 6,706 tons, an increase of 13%. The average price of fresh pear imports was 1,646 USD per ton by October, with no obvious change. The top three provinces for China’s imports of fresh pears in the first ten months were Guangdong, Shanghai, and Liaoning, of which Guangdong accounted for 56% of the total import value of fresh pears.

Argentina, the United States, and Belgium ranked as the top three source countries for China’s fresh pear imports, with imports of 2,123 tons (4.11 million USD), 2,052 tons (3.39 million USD), and 1,570 tons (2.09 million USD), respectively. The total quantity of fresh pears imported from these three countries represented an 87% share of China’s total fresh pear imports.

On the whole, China’s total imports and exports of fresh pears have both increased in the first ten months of 2016.


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