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Avocado is a lush fruit with bright green flesh from the tropics. Varieties range from round to pear-shaped with skin ranging in color from black to green and smooth to dimpled. They’re irresistibly rich in flavor and also provide vital nutrients and phytochemicals. The Variety is HASS. The company also offers PASSION FRUITS and FRENCH BEANS and PEAS and HERBS.
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34168-00100, NAIROBI, KENYA
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Moses Otieno
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Upcoming Events

April 05, 2022 to April 07, 2022
September 07, 2022 to September 09, 2022

Produce Marketplace

  1. ALOE ECO PARK SAPI D · Mexico
  2. Tien Thinh Agricultu · Vietnam
  3. Tien Thinh Agricultu · Vietnam
  1. Joshua Lim · Malaysia
  2. City fresh fruit co. · Thailand
  3. Chun lin orchard-Sel · Taiwan nan

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