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Vietnam Sees Steep Drop in Durian Prices

Wholesale durian prices in Vietnam’s Cai Lay County have seen a significant decline recently, dropping by half in the last month.

April 17, 2024
Jing Zang
Chinese Researchers Develop New Two-Color Dragon Fruit Variety

Researchers at Yangling Vocational and Technical College in Shaanxi have developed a new two-color dragon fruit variety suitable for cultivation in northern China.

April 16, 2024
Roy G
Peruvian Avocado Shortfall Drives Prices 40–50% Higher Than Last Season

Climate challenges and lower production continue to drive Peruvian avocado prices higher.

April 15, 2024
Roy G
Shanghai Strawberries Set Sights on Middle Eastern Markets

Shanghai strawberry growers are testing the waters for global exports with a first-ever shipment sent to Hong Kong.

April 11, 2024
Sri Lankan Pineapples Granted China Market Access

China’s General Administration of Customs has approved Sri Lankan pineapples for import into China.

April 10, 2024
Roy G
Vietnam Overtakes Thailand as China’s Top Durian Supplier

In the first two months of 2024, Vietnam surpassed Thailand in terms of durian exports to China for the first time in history.

April 10, 2024
Peruvian Blueberry Sector Pursues Reboot After Historic Drop in Exports

The Peruvian blueberry sector will remember the 2023/24 season as one full of complexities, with decreased production prompting strategic changes going forward.

April 08, 2024
Vietnamese Coconuts and Frozen Durians Nearing China Market Access

Negotiations to open up the Chinese market to Vietnamese coconuts and frozen durians are reportedly nearing completion.

April 07, 2024
Jing Zang
What Drives China’s Phenomenal Blueberry Production?

China’s blueberry growers report that the sector is still in an era of great profits but must stay mindful of emerging risks.

April 03, 2024
China Issues Food Safety Warning Over Vietnamese Durians

China has issued an official warning over approximately 30 shipments of Vietnamese durians found to contain cadmium.

April 01, 2024
Jing Zang