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Week 12 Wholesale Report: Oranges from U.S., Spain, Egypt

March 28, 2016

Produce Report writes an ongoing series that looks at the imported wholesale fruit market, and includes input from industry experts. Our focus for Week 12 is on different types of imported oranges.

Sunkist California Cara Cara oranges have optimum quality and a positive trend. Compared to domestic Gannan Cara Cara oranges, Sunkist Cara Cara oranges have a great advantage in terms of taste, firmness, and shine that customers find appealing; moreover, the quality remains steady.

Recently prices for U.S. Sunkist navel oranges have risen, and late season prices also reflect a rising trend. Since there were not as many navel oranges arriving from the U.S., the whole market had less access to this fruit. Even in the U.S., the cost for navel oranges is high, so the price is also higher elsewhere. In Spain, the production area is relatively small and production levels are relatively low because there are not many registered orchards. Additionally, temperatures are high, leading to a high degree of maturity. Currently, the fruit has been arriving slightly soft but the quality is good and the trend is good.

Valencia oranges from Egypt are juicy, but a bit sour with slightly rough skin. Standard grade fruit saw a decline in prices while the price for high grade oranges did not change. Late season prices may vary, but should not have much fluctuation due to quality.

The most important consideration for consumer demand is good quality fruit. The majority of sales are based on quality, though of course the price must also be suitable. Since oranges have a relatively long shelf life there is still previous inventory, but if the quality is not good, the oranges will still not be able to be sold. The demand for oranges is still good in Shanghai area markets. There are fourteen vendors selling oranges of different types at Shanghai Huizhan Market. Currently, the Spanish oranges at Huizhan and which have recently arrived in Beijing are quite good, and may make an impact on oranges from the U.S. and Egypt. However, summer is on its way and there should still be a big market for oranges.

  • U.S. - Sunkist Oranges (late season): 290-320 RMB/case (19 kg)
  • U.S. - Oranges (high grade): 240-260 RMB/case (19 kg)
  • U.S. - Oranges (standard grade): 160-180 RMB/case (19 kg)
  • U.S. - Cara Cara Oranges: 170-190 RMB/case (10 kg)
  • Egypt - Valencia Oranges: 90-105 RMB/case (15 kg)
  • Spain - Oranges: 210-220 RMB/case (15 kg)

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