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Spanish Persimmons Set To Debut on Chinese Market

December 18, 2023

The first batch of Spanish persimmons is expected to set foot in China before the Chinese New Year, reaching the Port of Shenzhen on Jan. 16 and subsequently moving on to the nearby city of Guangzhou for further distribution. The pilot shipment was arranged by Anecoop S. Coop., Spain’s main fruit and vegetable exporter and Europe’s top persimmon supplier. The consignment contains 15 metric tons of the Rojo Brillante (Brilliant Red) variety originating from Valencia and being marketed exclusively by Anecoop under the Persimon Bouquet brand.

Rojo Brillante persimmons exhibit a vivid orange color and exceptionally firm texture, making them an ideal option for exports to distant markets. This variety has already proven its ability to withstand long journeys when being shipped to Canada, Brazil and Hong Kong in the previous years.

According to Miguel Abril, Anecoop’s commercial director, this initial shipment is aimed solely at testing the market, and the company has no plans to ramp up exports to China this season. Since Rojo Brillante persimmons are only available from mid-October to January, the industry is now approaching the end of the harvesting season and thus anticipating a dwindling supply. For the next season, however, Anecoop plans to develop a scheme that facilitates continuous exports to the Chinese market.

This season’s persimmons are scheduled to arrive in China before the Lunar New Year, raising the company’s expectations for Chinese consumers’ response to the new product, as noted by Miguel Abril. He added that China has long been a target for Anecoop owing to its market potential and its familiarity with the fruit, given that China also cultivates persimmons. The exporter kept a tight eye on the progress of negotiations with China’s General Administration of Customs, which began in 2017 and concluded with the signing of the export agreement in March of this year.

Since the persimmon harvest and export campaign in Spain is still underway, the final figures are not available yet. The estimates released by Spain’s Persimmon Association in August suggested a twofold increase in output, reaching 300,000–320,000 metric tons, as opposed to 160,000 metric tons in 2022 when pests and adverse weather impacted the crop. Although growers reported fewer pest issues this year, severe winds that swept across Spain in early November sparked projections of a potential drop in production and product market value owing to damage to ripe and ready-to-harvest fruit.

Image: Anecoop S. Coop.


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