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Shanghai Port: Air-imported Cherries' Daily Peak Close to 400T

July 26, 2016

According to Shanghai Minhang CIQ, the volume of cherries imported by air into Shanghai port is currently reaching its peak. On July 12, the volume of cherries imported by air was close to 400 tons, with a value of more than 2.5 million USD, which represents an almost 100% increase compared with last year's single-day peak volume. These data create a new record for cherry volumes imported by air into Shanghai port.

It is understood that due to better weather in some parts of the major cherry-producing areas in North America, the cherry quality is much better than in previous years. These cherries are warmly welcomed by a vast number of consumers in our country. The quality of cherries imported by air is much better than that of those imported by sea.

Since 2014, with the strong support of Shanghai CIQ, airlines such as China Eastern Airlines, Air China, and China Southern Airlines have opened up their cherry charter flight businesses for air routes from America to Shanghai, greatly reducing the logistical costs of air transportation of cherries. Along with the maturity of the charter flights shipping mode, more and more traders are choosing to use charter flights to import cherries.

It has been reported that Shanghai CIQ will create a more convenient customs clearance environment for imported cherries under the premise of strict regulation, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the fruit trade, combined with the actual condition of imported goods.

On July 14, Shanghai port also ushered in the first container of Malaysian coconuts. A container loaded with Malaysian coconuts arrived at Long Wu fruit and vegetable wholesale market. There were 2,000 boxes of coconuts in the container, with a total weight of 9,000 kg and a total value of about 18,000 USD. To ensure food safety for domestic consumers, the CIQ staff strictly checked the goods and released them after the inspection.

Image source: Shanghai CIQ


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