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September 1, International Fruit Conference 2017: Event Details

August 31, 2017

On September 1, China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CCCFNA) and China Fruit Marketing Association (CFMA), in collaboration with the Shaanxi Fruit Industry Bureau, will host the International Fruit Conference 2017 (IFC 2017) at Shanghai Puxi Intercontinental Hotel. Over 400 distinguished guests from China and around the world will attend the event—there to discuss the present and future of the global fruit industry.

The day’s events will include comprehensive speeches and three sub-forums—specific arrangements are as follows:

September 1


9:00-12:30, Featured Presentations

Comprehensive speeches from industry leaders will provide in-depth analysis of the industry’s future.  

Yao Jingyuan (Counsellor’s Office of the State Council): China’s economy and outlook

Liao Maohua (Joy Wing Mau Group): Upgrading and sustainable development of China’s fruit industry under globalization

Lou Junwen (AQSIQ): CIQ requirements of fruit imports & exports in China


10:45-11:15, Q&A/Coffee Break

Lewis Pan (Zespri® China): Global kiwi trade and Zespri Strategy

Zhu Qidong (Pagoda): Trade and financial platform supply chain

Andy Zhang (Dole China): Consumption upgrade


12:30-13:30, Q&A/Lunch


13:30-15:00, Sub-forum breakout and consolidated speeches

The conference will break into three separate sub-forums. Invited industry leaders will share their perspective hot topics such as global fruit industry trends, how import fruits clash with domestic products, accurately target customer groups with high end products, identifying popular fruits, investment sweeping the industry, and more.


Breakout Sub-forum: Cherry

Kevin Zhao (Yidu Group): China cherry import market analysis

Alejandro Garcia-Huidobro (Prize): Cherry production and trade in Chile

Lie Baojun (Northwest Cherry Growers): Cherry production and trade in North America

Liu Wenpo (Hengda Fruit): Cherry production and trade in China


Breakout Sub-forum: Banana

Booby Chen (Goodfarmer Group): Banana import analysis

Mariella Molina (Consulate General of Republic of Ecuador in Guangzhou): Banana production and trade in Ecuador

Lu Yizhen (Jinsui Group): Banana production and trade in China


Breakout Sub-forum: Apple

Liu Gaoyun (Joy Wing Mau Group): Analysis of apple imports in China

Yao Xinsheng (Goodfarmer Honest Man): Analysis of apple exports in China

Yang Jie (National Research Center For Apple Engineering and Technology): Apple consumption analysis

Ignacio Smith (T&G Global): Special remarks


15:00-15:30 Q&A/Coffee break

Speeches will continue following the break.


15:30-18:00 Featured Presentations

Wang Xiaosong ( Fresh fruit e-commerce and trends

Gaoliang (Haisheng Group): Upgrading and transformation of agriculture in China from a foreign perspective

Wu Chengjiang (Cinda Capital): Investment cases in China’s fruit industry


16:55-17:10 Q&A


18:30-20: 30 Gala Dinner


We cheerfully await your attendance at IFC 2017 and the future of fruit industry!


Registration is now open, please follow the official website below:


For further information regarding IFC 2017 presenters and sponsors, please contact us:

IFC Fruit Conference Secretariat


Phone: 010-87109840

Fax: 010-87109844

Address: 80 Guangqumennei Avenue, Wingtong International Building, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Image Source: IFC2016


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