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[Press Release] The Yoom Tomato Is the Innovation of the Year

February 09, 2020

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Berlin, Feb. 7, 2020 – This year’s FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award (FLIA) goes to the tomato “Yoom” from the company Syngenta Seeds. With around 30% of the votes, it was the clear winner in the competition to determine the best innovation in the international fruit and vegetable industry. Visitors to FRUIT LOGISTICA had two days to vote on the award.

The Dutch company Syngenta won the FLIA before in 2012, for its red snack pepper “Angello.” The Yoom tomato won voters over with its outer and inner values: depending on the hours of sunlight, its color ranges from purple to black. What remains constant is its high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content as well as its sweet-sour and tangy flavor, also known as “umami.”

“We are very pleased to have won this award again, because FRUIT LOGISTICA is the most important convention for the fresh fruit industry. In five minutes the world will know more about our product, because everyone follows the information from FRUIT LOGISTICA. This will be a major boost for our product. And the award is a great acknowledgment of our work as well as a wonderful motivation for our team,” said Jérémie Chabanis, EAME Food Chain Manager Vegetable and Specialties at Syngenta.

The silver FLIA went to Polish company Silbo for its certified fruit and vegetable packaging with water-based dyes and adhesives (“Compostable, Flexible, Printed, Packaging”). It is completely compostable, making it especially sustainable.

The bronze FLIA was also awarded for sustainable packaging: the “SoFruMiniPak Eco View” from SoFruPak Witold Gai from Poland. It seals quickly, is made from renewable resources, ensures good ventilation and optimized cooling, and is 100% biodegradable.

All pictures from the award ceremony and the winners are available for free download here.

FRUIT LOGISTICA is the leading technical convention for the global fruit trade and has been held every year since 1993. In 2020, 3,300 exhibitors from 93 countries presented their products, services and technical solutions in Berlin. The FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award was presented for the 15th time this year. It is the most important award in the industry.

Images: Fruit Logistica