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Peruvian Blueberry Exports to China Forecast To Grow 111% This Season

July 19, 2021

Peru’s 2021/22 blueberry season kicked off at the beginning of May (week 18) and is expected to continue until next April. Figures provided by the Peruvian Blueberry Growers’ Association (ProArándanos) indicate that Peru’s total blueberry export volume this season will reach 200,000 metric tons, representing 25% growth.

Of the total export volume, 49% will be exported to the United States, 32% to Europe, 17% to China and 2% to other markets. The Chinese market is anticipated to show the greatest growth, with a predicted 111% increase. Last season, Peru exported 16,000 tons of blueberries to China; this season, the figure is expected to exceed 30,000 tons. Peru’s export volumes to the United States and Europe are also forecast to increase, with predicted growth of 22% and 20%, respectively.

As of the end of 2020, Peru had 46 different blueberry varieties registered for export, a remarkable increase from only 16 varieties in 2016. This year, the Peruvian blueberry industry is reportedly making substantial efforts toward developing new markets, particularly in Asia. Top candidates for market entry are South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.

Peru is currently the top blueberry exporter in the Southern Hemisphere. According to ProArándanos president Daniel Bustamante, Peruvian blueberries are recognized for their excellent quality, reliability and sustainability. The association is also investing additional funding in promotional campaigns.

Image: Pixabay

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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