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Peruvian Avocado Season Starts in China

May 17, 2016

In May 2015, Peru and China signed the phytosanitary protocol for importing fresh avocados. Peru therefore became the third country able to export avocados to China, alongside Chile and Mexico. On September 22, 2015, the first shipment of Peruvian avocados arrived in China, and the journey has continued since then.

According to Vladimír Kočerha, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Peru in Shanghai, the first shipment of the new season is expected to arrive in China on May 17. He expects five containers this month alone and after that an average of 15 containers per week to China. For this year, it is expected that the total export value will reach 15 million US$.

“It is rare to see Peruvian avocados in China, and this container is the first sea shipment to China this year,” Heidi Zhang, Sourcing Manger of Shanghai Supafresh Trading Co., Ltd, told Produce Report. Supafresh imported the first container of avocados from Peru in the new season and expects it to arrive at Yangshan port in Shanghai on May 17.

Peruvian avocados take good advantage of the “time window”. Ms. Zhang explained that among the three countries, Mexico can supply all year round, but now it is about the end of the season. Meanwhile, the Peruvian avocado season is complementary with the Chilean season.

Supafresh have high expectations for the future of Peruvian avocados in China. “The demand for avocados in the Chinese market is growing year by year, though the large-scale importing is just starting, but we believe they will be loved by Chinese consumers and finally take their own place in China.”

Image source: Pixabay


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