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Pengsheng and Camposol Bring This Season’s First Peruvian Blueberries to China

July 17, 2023

This season’s inaugural shipment of Peruvian blueberries arrived in Shanghai earlier this month, marking the beginning of the next productive round of collaboration between Chinese fruit importer Shanghai Pengsheng Industrial Co. Ltd. and Peruvian multinational produce company Camposol. The estimated export volume for the recently commenced 2023/24 Peruvian blueberry season is approximately 300,000 metric tons, representing a modest increase of 5% compared with the previous season.

On the morning of July 7, Camposol and Pengsheng held a ceremony celebrating the arrival of the Peruvian blueberries at Shanghai’s Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Market. The event was attended by Luis Miguel Baanante, general manager of Camposol’s China branch; Luo Peng, sales manager of Camposol’s China branch; Deng Lingjun, manager of Pengsheng’s import division; and Mao Chengming, general manager of Pengsheng’s wholesale division.

This batch of blueberries represents the maiden voyage of Peruvian blueberries from Camposol’s 2023/24 harvest season to China, as well as marking the first arrival of Peruvian blueberries in China this season. The blueberries left Peru by ship at the end of May and arrived at the Port of Shanghai on July 4.

The initial shipment of Peruvian blueberries comprised a total of 7,800 cartons, primarily consisting of the Biloxi and Ventura varieties, which are the main varieties currently grown in Peru. These berries ripen early, boast a firm texture and retain their exquisite freshness even after enduring long-distance transportation.

Pengsheng and Camposol have been collaborating since 2018 to provide high-quality imported and domestically grown fresh blueberries to Chinese consumers. Pengsheng expects a substantial influx of Peruvian blueberries to arrive in China starting from October. Early-season varieties are currently dominating the shipments, and they reportedly taste sweeter compared with last year.

The person in charge of blueberries at Pengsheng stated that demand for blueberries on the Chinese market is escalating. With the rapid development of local blueberry cultivation alongside variety replacement, the imported blueberry market is facing new challenges. The desire of consumers for distinctive flavors and differentiated packaging for the blueberries they purchase has become increasingly prominent. In response, the Peruvian blueberry industry has made adjustments to their varieties to cater to the needs of Chinese consumers, with the new varieties offering improved texture, larger fruit size and longer shelf life. With the rapid expansion of the Chinese blueberry market, Pengsheng anticipates that the consumer base in the blueberry market will this year accelerate its expansion toward central and western China, as well as third- and fourth-tier cities.

Images: Shanghai Pengsheng Industrial Co. Ltd.


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