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Peel and Cut a Pineapple in 10 seconds - Dole’s Machine Does it

July 26, 2018

While many people love pineapples, peeling and cutting a pineapple pose quite a problem to most. Dole Food Company brought a fully automatic pineapple machine to Shanghai recently. This machine was the first of its kind in China. With just a push of the button,a pineapple would be peeled and cut-in just 10 seconds.

This amazing machine was installed in a Sams Club store in Shanghai on July 20. It looked like a vending machine with a viewing window through which the whole process could be seen.

The new machine attracted the attention of many shoppers who, out of curiosity, bought pineapples simply for the sake of experiencing the new machine. The whole process, from placing the pineapple inside the machine to seeing the peeled pineapple sliced up and fell into the container placed underneath, took just about 10 seconds. Some shoppers from New Zealand at the site claimed that they had not seen anything like that.

Produce Report learned that this machine, called Pinabar, was custom made in Holland according to the typical size of Dole Sweetio pineapple. The fully automatic machine operated very quietly. The machine would be thoroughly cleaned twice daily, in the morning and night time, and whenever deemed necessary during the day.

Older versions of pineapple peeling and cutting machines are mostly semi-automatic, requiring certain amounts of manual labor input. Pinabar is fully automatic, requiring just a push of the button to peel, cut and even take away the center core of the fruit. Even the most skilled labor would take at least 15 seconds to process a pineapple. The Pinabar is not only quicker but also more hygienic.

On the day when the Pinabar made its debut, traffic at Sam’s Club was not high but sales of Dole Sweetio pineapple registered significant increase. Pinabar promises to change the way pineapples are sold in the stores. A road show has been organized in various supermarkets in Shanghai. May be you can have the chance to try out the new machine personally.

Photo source: MZMC 


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