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The largest agricultural exporting city to join the Asia Fresh Expo

April 23, 2019

Which Chinese city is rapidly developing its international cooperation in agriculture? In recent years, Shandong Province has been developing its international cooperation in agriculture extensively, actively and effectively, and has achieved some remarkable results. VNU organized an international exchange tour to Shandong, to support the development of the internationalization of Shandong agriculture. “Our guests visited a modern plantation and saw the fresh vegetables just being harvested. More and more new varieties of vegetables are growing in Shandong, which is an important factor to improve the development of the vegetable sector in China. Furthermore, the agricultural infrastructure is developing to become fit for modern agricultural needs at the same time.”

On April 18, the opening ceremony of 2019 China (Shouguang) Facility Vegetable International Variety Exhibition Fair was held, right after the Shandong tour of VNU. Guests from home and abroad attended and gave speeches, including Mr. Richard G.F. Vissr from Wageningen University and Mr. David Zhong, President of VNU Exhibitions Asia.

As Albert Arp, CEO of Jaarbeurs and Chairman of VNU Exhibitions Asia said, "We believe that, as the most important agricultural province of China, with the largest agricultural exports, as well as being the region with the highest degree of agricultural industrialization and rural modernization, Shandong will be able to creatively establish a model for the revitalization of rural China. Just as with the previous 'Zhucheng model', the 'Weifang model' and the 'Shouguang model', we will be setting an example for the rural economic development of China." 

“The Shouguang Vegetable Industry Holding Group, as our old friend and exhibitor, will participate in 2019 ASIA FRESH EXPOwith more than 250 square meters. It will bring varieties of vegetables as well as developed technology and ideas. The Booth No. is A001.”

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