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Jinan Airport To Become Designated Fruit Import Port

November 14, 2015

Authorities from AQSIQ recently visited Jinan International Airport to audit its capability to serve as a fruit import port, according to AQSIQ believes that the airport, which has the essential equipment, personnel, and inspection and quarantine abilities, meets the necessary requirements. Jinan airport is therefore expected to become the first aviation port for imported fruits in Shandong province.

China has a policy of allowing ports to apply to become designated fruit import ports that adhere to strict requirements. It is believed that the approval of this status for aviation ports will be beneficial to shorten the supply chain, as well as to meet the growing demand of second-tier cities for imported fruit. Moreover, air shipment allows more foreign fruits to take a “fresh express” from farm to table and promotes the development of international trade in the surrounding areas.

Jinan International Airport will further strengthen its communication and cooperation with Jinan CIQ and Jinan Port Office to complete the transportation, customs clearance, inspection, quarantine, and other supporting work for fruits entering China, and it welcomes talks with industry leaders.

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