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Israeli Citrus Back to China Market

October 27, 2015

On October 25, AQSIQ issued a notice on the resumption of citrus imports from Israel. Starting from the issue date of the notice, there will be a two-year trial period for citrus imports.

According to the notice, Israeli citrus will be allowed to enter China from the ports of Dalian, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, while the port of Shanghai is not currently included. On the same day, AQSIQ updated its list of Israeli citrus orchards, packers, and exporters.

Although Israel has limited land, its widespread use of cutting-edge technology in agriculture means that its single-crop yield is at a world-leading level. Fruit production plays an important role in the agricultural production of Israel and citrus is a dominant example. It was reported that in the 2013–14 season, citrus production in Israel reached approximately 550,000 tons.


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